A photo of a red, stamped steel Wyandotte 1930s
				 dump truck about ten inches long The Mellow 60s Museum A ten inch Barclay auto carrier with cast metal red cab and silver stamped metal trailer. The trailer has one lever and is carrying two small diecast metal cars, one blue and one green.
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01-21-2017: During WWII, because all rubber was reserved for the war effort, toy companies scrambled for substitute materials.
See an Auburn Rubber Company sawdust and glue composition truck here!
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This contains a photo of a child's tea set surrounded by 3 small Model T Fords, a 'T' party. The cars are from the Cars movie and are black with eyes where the front windshield goes. The covers of Dave Leopard's two books.
Empire Rubber Toys

Firestone Rubber Toys

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Mystery Rubber Toys

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