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Image of Sun rubber toy car patent Vertical image of 3 custom Airflow views Photo of two Sun supercharged coupes, one green and one red

Sun Rubber Company, Barberton, Ohio: Much is known about The Sun Rubber Company of Barberton, Ohio. Sun had been successfully producing a toy line, including a small rubber doll, and a very popular toy hot water bottle, since 1924. Over the next decade, growth continued at Sun with sales of a teething ring and bath sets, as well as more dolls and doll accessories. The company entered into the rubber toy car business in 1934 with a patent for a 1934 DeSoto Airflow. The company prospered, and the toy line continued to expand.
As is clear from the photos here, most rubber toys were played with, not kept on the shelf. Collectors find them in condition ranging from battered and torn to pristine, as with most old toys.
One of the many charms of rubber toys, however, is the aging of their wonderful paint. When they came out of the press, the toys were a mottled beige or solid black. Colors were added by dipping, spraying, and hand-painting, and the finishes were very durable.

For the most part, pre-WWII colors were solid. Many color combinations were added over time.
One distinct difference between the very successful Auburn and Sun rubber toys is the styling. While Auburn focused 0n making their toys realistic miniatures of the automobiles and trucks of the day, Sun took a long-term view designing its toys. Cars and trucks were meant to defy obsolescence and hold childrens' interest year after year.
Simple, colorful, and sleek vehicles later were joined by a line of Disney and Warner Brothers toys, including Porky Pig, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. Sun also sold many race cars, military vehicles, and airplanes. The race cars are readily found, though like the Disney and Warner Brothers toys the heads of drivers often are severely damaged or missing.
Last came the vinyl Wee Wheels, a far cry from the rubber toys, but sturdy and still worth having.

11.17.2014: Click on the images below to see Sun's full line of toys. Each photo represents a "type" of vehicle, such as a car, or truck, or airplane, etc.

A dark blue 1940 Dodge 4 door sedan with a light beige top, viewed from the front quarter. A dark brown 1937 station wagon, viewed from the front quarter.
A solid red pickup truck, viewed from the front quarter. A light blue single engine airplane piloted by Mickey Mouse, viewed from the front quarter.
A green army tank with yellow turret, viewed from the front quarter. A yellow 2-man race car with blue trim, small black tires, the number 3 atop the hood,a promo, Compliments of Royal Rubber Company, on the right front side. Viewed from the front quarter
A single engine, two man bomber airplane with pilot cockpit in front of bombardier cockpit, silver with blue cowl, blue flaps on the tail, yellow circles with a 5 point star atop each wing, cream yellow around cockpits and along top of body, two black tires and a metal prop. Underside shows bomb detail. A solid red ambulance with a silver cross in a raised oval on each side, viewed from the front quarter.
A white over blue White Company bus with silver grille and windows and white tires, viewed from the front quarter. Three Wee Wheels vehicles, a tank, a Gremlin auto, and a police car.
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