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Here we have a cast tractor, possibly based on the Fordson tractor, a 2-part saddled mule, and two cast metal figures, one a country gent in coat and vest with a bowler hat, pants tucked into tall boots, and the other a working fellow in overalls carrying with both arms a heavy bag over his back. This photo has a Model A roadster behind three figures. The first is a black gentleman wearing a tan hat and suit over a white shirt and green sweater vest. He also sports a necktie, and handkerchief, all of which makes him clearly a gentleman at his leisure as he sits on a bench. The second is a hobo with his worldly goods in a bag hanging from a stick over his shoulder. He is wearing a brown fedora and overcoat with black pants and shoes. The third is a blond-haired little girl in a short-sleeved red dress with scoop collar, high yellow stockings and red shoes. She has blond hair and is holding a little black and white dog in her arms.
This picture includes a cast metal train with engine, tender, and passenger car having a platform at the rear. There are five figures. One is a young fellow in a brown suit, sporting a nice driver's cap, and carrying a brown portmanteau. Just behind him, a gentleman in a blue suit and white shirt with tie, wearing a hat, carrying a tan coat over one arm, and a doctor's bag in hand. To his left is a woman in a blue empire style dress over a pink blouse, wearing a blue stylish hat, white stockings, and carrying a small handbag. Behind her is a porter in black uniform over a white shirt, wearing a bow tie and a white porter's cap, and carrying a small suitcase. Back at the end of the train a uniformed conductor has one arm raised, perhaps signalling the train engineer. The centerpiece of this photo with its top down is a large yellow Brumm roadster with black fenders and red seats. The brow headlights are actually the car's eyes. The red wheels and blackwall tires finish off the sporty car. There are 13 figures beside the car, including an elderly couple, a mother with two children, looking at a shouting newspaper boy, a young couple seated on a park bench, a conductor and train engineer, and three porters. The elderly man is wearing a nice grey suit and hat with a bow tie, and a handkerchief in his coat pocket. He has a cane in one hand while his other arm is cocked to receive the hand of his lady companion in her lavender dress with matching hat, and wearing white gloves, stockings and shoes. In her left arm is a small handbag. Her right arm rests on the arm of her gentleman companion. The mother of the two children is wearing a pale blue coat with piping and dark blue buttons and a blue lampshade hat with a sprig of red flowers cocked over one eye. She has a small jumping white dog on a leash beside her and is holding a largish soft bag in her other hand. The dark haired little girl is wearing a deep red dress with a large white collar, a matching red hat, and wears white shoes and socks. She has has a pretty little pocketbook in one hand.
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