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There are both stamped and cast metal cars pictured here including a stamped car carrier and a cast large green roadster. Though it may well be a copy, this large red roadster is wonderful. At this time I am unable to afford many cast toys, copies or not, so I don't know as much about them as I do the other toy cars and trucks on this web site. For info on them, I have to rely on the work of others.

Between 1920 and 1940 slush mold cars were made in the USA. The hollow-casting toy cars from alloy mixtures were produced in small home town factories or workplaces near Kansas City. Famous names in the slush mold toy industry are: Barclay, Best Toy & Novelty Factory, Kansas Toy & Novelty Company, Lincoln White Metal Works, C.A.W.(Charles A. Wood), Mid-West Metal Novelty MFG.Co., M&L Toy Co. Inc. (Thanks to for this information.)

There are six cast metal cars from Barclay and various unknown makers in this group There are six cast metal cars from Barclay and various unknown makers in this group
Pictured is a 2-4 locomotive missing a pair of the middle wheels. There also is a matching tender and a nice red passenger car. Here we have a 4-4 locomotive and a Pennsylvania RR tender. There also are two regular passenger wagons and a third with an observation deck at the rear.
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