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This is a front quarter view of a 1934 DeSoto and a 1934 Chrysler Airflow. The DeSoto is deep maroon, and the Chrysler is deep red. Both are two door sedans.

There aren't many rubber cars that have evaded identifications of their manufacturer(s), but that makes them all the more vexing in their stubborn anonymity. In the museum's collection there are three varieties of Airflow, the 1934 DeSoto 4-door Airflow, and the 1934 Chrysler two-door. Also in the unknown collection are several colors of what may be a 1947 Nash. In his amazing book, Dave Leopard writes that the Dodge and Plymouth cars and trucks thought for a long time to be by unknown makers were made by Perfect Rubber Toys.

This is a rear quarter view of the same two Airflows. The DeSoto is 5 inches long, and the Chrysler is 5 1/8 long. This is a front view of the two Airflows. The DeSoto has two headlights, one on each side of the grill. The grill is rounded at the top. The hood is wider on the DeSoto, as is the fabric top. The split windshield, with two air vents, one on each side in front of the windshields. The windshields are taller on the DeSoto, and the fabric insert on the top. It is also longer. The Chrysler has a grill that comes upward on the Chrysler, which has two smaller headlamps on each side. On the Chrysler, the hood is not apparent.
In this rear view of the Airflows, one sees that the split rear window is larger than that on the Chrysler. The sweep of the roof extends out farther back on the DeSoto. The rear is more rounded where the back sweeps into the fenders. The Chrysler is squared off and less attractive to me. This is the underside of the DeSoto. The rubber casting is thick and quite heavy. The cavity is deep and ovoid, extending from just behind the front wheel axle to just in front of the rear axle. Actually, the slit in the rubber for the axles is very nearly closed off from side to side.
Another red DeSoto airflow with the smaller, rounded-top radiator grill. This view is from the passenger front quarter. Another red DeSoto airflow with the smaller, rounded-top radiator grill. This view is from the passenger rear quarter.
A shiny black '41 Nash shown from above the left front quarter.
This is a front quarter view of a bright, light blue and a bright red 1942 Nash. They are two door sedans, each 4 inches long. Here we have a rear quarter view of the two cars. The actual make of the car is not certain.
This is an ad for the Airflow automobile. On the left, this picture has a cast figure of a blond little girl in a red dress and yellow knee socks. She is holding a little black and white dog. To her right is an ad photo for the 1947 Nash.
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