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The Garrett Sales toys are heavy duty rubber, quite large, with color all through the rubber to prevent loss of color. They're heavy, too -- true kids' toys!

This shows somefancy-schmancy MS Word fiddling with a Garrett Sales Cord coupe jpg.
This photo is of the Cord coupe and roadster in blue with silver trim. They're about eight inches long. This photo is of two coupes, oe solid red, the other solid yellow. Most of the silver is worn away.
The Corvette roadsters -- this one is blue with lots of silver trim -- are fairly realistic, right down to the badges. These, like all Garrett cars and trucks, have closed fender wells. This shot is taken from the left front quarter. Another vue of the blue Corvette, from the right rear quarter.
The Republican car, a large elephant head with flared ears, large tusks, and a large trunk. This elephant car is solid yellow with no silver trim. Like all the Garrett vehicles, it has black tires.
The fire truck is small, about four inches long but quite detailed from the two hose reels, top mounted water cannons, and dash panel water control gauges to bubble light, light bar, and hose connections. There are two large sirens mounted atop the cab, which is squarish and has lots of 'glass'. It is bright yellow but, like all my yellow Garretts, always looks filthy because one cannot get it clean. This view is from the left front quarter. This view of the fire truck is from the right rear quarter. There are fire extinguishers mounted at the rear corners and lots of silver is used. I'd like to have this in red but in 'real life' red engines are less visible than yellow ones.
What can I say? A big, dark green gator, mousth open to display lots of teeth, big eyes wide open atop the head. It's kind of funny but to me this looks like a Bugatti coupe, mostly due to the very long snout and the close coupled, bulbous coupe body. Cute as can be, really. Mine is solid green but others are trimmed out in yellow, red and silver.
Heidi the Golf Cart, or so it looks to me. And ugly, again just my opinion.
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