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Updated December 9th 2017. Many more to come very soon so check back!

Colour decorations are applied after toys have been subjected to a special process so that paint will not chip, crack or peel. Another advantage these toys offer mothers is that they cannot damage furniture or floors.

Viceroy versions of Sun toys are made from sturdy, moulded rubber in bright colours. Viceroy knew boys and girls wanted the colors highlighted by bold, contrasting stripes. Self-driving toys have long lasting friction type motors. These colorful toys can really move along!

The Viceroy Manufacturing Company began the production of rubber toys in Toronto, Canada, in 1930. Viceroy produced an extensive array of balls: sports balls, toys balls, and specialty balls, as well as rubber bath toys and beach toys. They also manufactured rubber and vinyl dolls and the small toy cars and trucks shown here.

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