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Metallic green Empire version of Sun's 1940 Dodge, viewed from front right quarter. The main difference between the Sun and Empire versions is the grille. The Empire version has a much larger grille with vertical bars. There are vertical lines in the headlights. There are windscreen wipers on the Empire car. Same car viewed along the passenger side. From the side, one sees odd, raised decorative fender detail above each axle, front and rear. Perhaps they represent louvres? They look for all the world like croissants, but are a nice touch.
The Dodge viewed from the rear passenger side. The three license plate numbers are illegible on this car. Despite the many similarities, this is not a knockoff of the Sun car. It is lower and narrower and presents a more streamlined appearance. Same car viewed in close up of left rear. Further difference can be seen by looking at the underside of both the Sun and Empire cars. The molds are very different.
The Dodge viewed from above. The MA02 '35 Ford sedan came in several colors. This photo, though of two somewhat rough cars, shows one in gold and another in pale yellow.
This is a blue 1935 Ford 2-door sedan viewed from the driver front quarter. The car has flat disk wheels. The rear view of the Empire '35 Ford reveals a marked difference between it and the Auburn '35:  The back slants and includes a bit of trunk-style luggage compartment.
The 4-inch black Mercedes race car seen from the left front quarter. The race car viewed from the right front quarter.
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