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Though they are decidedly unusual for rubber vehicles, they are just too flat and too lacking in detail to appeal to many. They are, however, sturdy, heavy and colorful and I bet they make wonderful kids' toys. The animals and figures are not at all flat, but their appeal is mostly in the soft colors and lines of them. They're heavy, too. Often confused with Auburn rubber farm animals, once you have placed them side by side you will never confuse them again. This photo is of a wartime -- I believe -- toy panel truck  made by Judy. It is green, with Judy printed 0n the side in black letters.
This photo is of the flat, thick blue sedan, about 4 inches long and half an inch thick. It is has four doors and is a fastback style. None of the vehicles in the set roll as the wheels are molded as part of the body. This photo is of the red pickup truck, also about 4 inches long.
This photo is of the two vehicles side by side and viewed from above. They are about three quarters to an inch thick and stand up on their own very well. This photo is of the two vehicles still side by side and viewed from above but flush with one another.
This is a photo of the Judy rubber tractor. Like the rubber cars this tractor is flat, and about three quarters of an inch thick as well. Other than the car, truck and tractor, all the members of Happy's farm family, including animals, are very well crafted. His family includes a 5 inch tall red farmer, a 4 inch blue boy, a 4 inch green woman, a sitting brown cat and a standing dog, both about an inch and a half tall, a  4 inch tall brown cow, two  2 inch tall and two inch long grey sheep, two 2 inch pink pigs, and a big brown turkey.
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