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In this picture there is a framed 8x10 photo of the actress Barbara Payton above a white 1:24 scale diecast 1953 Cadillac convertible with red interior.     In this picture there is a framed 8x10 photo of Capt. John Payton Jr. in uniform above a black 1:24 scale diecast 1953 Cadillac convertible with black and white interior. The two are the curator's parents. This is a photo of one of my rubber racecar and a pair of my Volkswagens. Love 'em!

The diecast cars and trucks displayed on this page are Danbury Mint vehicles but for two, the T-Bird and the Model A Tudor sedan. There are quite a few more 1:24 in the collection and they will be appearing soon, along with many others.

The 1:24 rubber racecar and the two 1:64 scale VWs are not Danbury vehicles. They illustrate the high quality of rubber and diecast cars across all types and scales.

The Danbury Mint was founded in 1969 in Westport, Connecticut by Ralph Glendinning and Ted Stanley, as a subsidiary of Glendinning Companies.The Danbury Mint is a division of MBI Inc., founded in 1969. The Mint donated a quite significent percentage of profits to a favored cause.

Unfortunately. the Mint has withdrawn almost entirely from offering a grand selection of diecast vehicles. Those of us who want to start or expand a Danbury collection have other sources. Ebay, with a large number of vendors and auctions, may be the best source, but a Google search yields many more.

Be advised: Asking prices are often at or above Danbury's original price. Ebay sellers see others' sky-high asking prices and expect to get that for their diecasts. Filter for the selling price (and for auctions that didn't sell) for a dose of Ebay reality you can use anywhere to avoid costly buying mistakes. Look on Craigslist for shocking instaces of this 'me too!' hysteria pricing. If you can contact sellers to try for a negotiated price be sure to do so! An Ebay seller who gives a 'Buy It Now' Option seldom is rude when you make an offer. Just in case, though, take a moment to add a brief note to your offer.

This is the photo of a beautiful red 1937 Studebaker pickup truck taken from the front right. The red is set off wonderfully by the wide whitewall tires. A U.S. quarter is leaning against the side of the truck to give a sense of size to the viewer. Three cars are in this photo. One is a red 1953 Ford Thunderbird convertible, top down, atop a clear box stand. It has a removable hardtop with porthole side windows, wire wheels, large white sidewalls, and a continental kit at the rear. The car is shown from the passenger side, facing right. In front and to the left of the T-bird is a dark green 1931 coupe with rumble seat, trunk rack and trunk, cowl lamps, and sidemount spare tire. The top and fenders are black, standard for the Model A. To its right is a 1929 Model A Ford 2-door sedan, black over dark green with yellow pinstripe and wheels and a rear-mounted spare tire. The coupe has a Motometer hood ornament, and the sedan has the flying quail.
There are two Model A Fords in this picture. The one in the background faces right and is on a clear plastic pedestal. It is a 1931 phaeton, a four-dour convertible, very dark blue with black interior, black sidewall tires and rear mounted spare. The second Ford in a 1931 roadster, tan with dark brown body moldings and reveals. The wheels are a cream yellow with blackwall tires, and there is a fender-mounted spare with a tire cover. There is a luggage rack at the back, with a black trunk, and the almost mandatory rumble seat. The upholstery is a rich brown, and there are etched windwings at each door. The hood ornament in the flying quail, well reproduced despite the small size. This is a photo of a lovely, dark blue 1947 Ford convertible. There is a bright chrome strip running down each side, giving the car a longer, lower look. It has two-tone red and dark tan upholstery, a folded, tan top, and  white sidewall tires.
In this picture are two more diecast cars, a 1947 Chevrolet convertible and a 1948 Chrysler Town and Country woodie convertible. The Chevy is light tan with red interior. The Chrysler is deep maroon with maroon interior. Both have whitewall tires. The wood on the Chrysler is maple with walnut panels. In this photo we get a three-fer, three pickup trucks. One is the Studebaker described above. Another in front and to the left of it is a 1935 Ford pickup, very dressed up with dark blue paint, red pinstripes, and wide whitewalls. The hood is up so the green Ford flathead V8 peeks out. The third truck is a 1925 Model T Ford roadster pickup with the top down. It is the usual black, with a wood-plank bed floor and demountable wooden wheels.
The last photo, for now, is two Chevrolet convertibles and a much larger scale Hemi engine. The autos are a 1957 Chevrolet and a 1958 Chevrolet, both two-doors. The '57 is dark blue with dark blue and almost turquoise interior. The '58 is light blue with blue and black interior. The '57 has twin antennae, the '58 a continental kit. Both cars have wide whitewalls. The 1:6 scale, diecast Hemi engine block is red with black valve covers and exhaust manifolds and a large chrome air cleaner cover. Belts and flywheel turn.

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