New Yost, ca. 1889 (7 Views) M60 Home

In this photo the left side of the New Yost shows off its three level keyboard, the lower white keys for lower case, the middle black keys for upper case, and the upper white keys for characters and numbers. The small space bar is located at bottom center. The front of the case shows the almost tubular keyboard support with its flared attaching piece at the top corners.
From the left rear corner, the uncluttered carriage assembly can be appreciated. The portion of the case housing the type appears round from the front but in this view one sees that it is round in the middle with a semi-hemispherical bulge on each side. This photo, a view of the right side, shows the carriage in somewhat better detail, the carriage return on the left end of the platen and the lifting lever on the right end. The flying buttress-like back case supports are a very nice touch.
The underside of the lifted carriage, and the index are seen in this view. Also shown on the case just above the keyboard is the Yost logo. Here is a close-up of the type basket. One type bar is shown moving type into position below the hole in the flat alignment piece.
This close-up shows the carriage bracket at the back of the case as well as the Made in USA marking. This photo shows the broken pieces resulting from damaging handling during shipping.
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