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It was a long time after I saw the first photo of a Kamkap before I found one for the museum, but it was well worth the time and effort. This is a hybrid toy typewriter, really, in that it is exceptionally well made, and actually works just like a real typewriter. I have two, now, with one for display and one for parts as my first Kamkap was missing the decal from the back plate. These aren't particularly large, but they are very heavy.

Sometime after getting the Kamkap I saw a picture online of a Petite version for the European market (what that means I can't really say just yet). The two are very nearly identical at first glance. A close look reveals the Petite is more of a toy, though the quality and materials are essentially the same. My Kamkaps both lack a carriage return lever, but have more keys than the Petite -- upper and lower case as well as numbers and figs. The Kamkap has a metal name tag, the Petite has a decal. I'm sure there are more differences and as time permits I will explore add the details here.

I will add more (measurements, weights, etc.) soon. Until then, please take my word for it that one should seriously consider having both rather than just one or the other. However, be prepared for a jolt when you find out the cost of shipping! I've no regreats at all as the Petite is well worth the expense.

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