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This left front quarter view of the '46 Quiet Deluxe shows the charcoal gray crinkle finish paint, the Quiet Deluxe name on a raised plastic oval on the paper tray, and the Royal logo front and center on the spool cover. Also, the rectangular shift key marked Shift Freedom, and the carriage return lever, and the platen roller. There is a chrome paper guide at the left end of the paper table. This right front quarter view of the '46 Quiet Deluxe shows the keyboard with its metal ring keys, white letters on black background, and the narrow, rounded chrome band around the base of the ribbon cover. Also, top center on the front of the case is the pressure selector, and to its right the three-position ribbon color selector. The right platen twirler is also shown as well as the paper bail with the lever at the right end and its two rubber rollers.
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