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The Franklin 7, as all Franklins, is a visual and functional outlier among typewriters. It looks like a Close Encounters of the Third Kind mother ship crossed with the WWI Sopwith Camel's rotary engine and a touch of octopus. Despite its keys near 180-degree spread, however, they do make up a double-keyboard QWERTY layout in front of that imposing upright shield. And behind it, as they usually do, downstrike typebars stand ready, three characters per slug. Back here, behind the shield, only the location, though not the operation, of the two ribbon spools is unconventional: They are centered side-by-side over the platen. The Franklin not a visible typewriter but with a bit of a stretch one can see over the shield to what one types. It will not be comfortable.

Also in 1897 was the 1st murder trial where spectral evidence helped secure a conviction. The Atoka Agreement was signed by representatives of the Choctaw and Chickasaw Indian Nations. It was made with the express understanding that it was a step towards statehood, It went so far as to specify that "the lands now occupied by the Five Civilized Tribes shall be prepared for admission as a state." The electron was discovered, Aspirin patented, Dracula published, and Juventus F.C. founded.
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