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I have several pieces from Dirk that include images of Frida Kahlo. This one is a black cross with eight self-portraits of her in attached metal bottle caps. This piece is somewhat a multimedia tribute to the wonderful science fiction writer Harlan Ellison. A beige piece serves as the background. To it, at the top left, the letters spelling glass are stencilled on vertical strips of beige wood. These are attached to the background block with large, shiny silver round-topped push pins. The mid part of it is composed of two greyish figures wearing television sets for heads. Ruddy tans and light brown tones form the backdrop. The larger figure, at the right, wears a business suit with white shirt and checkered necktie. He seems to me to be reaching toward the other figure, on whose TV screen is an image of a woman. Again to me, it is like Michelangelo's portrayal on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel of God stretching out his hand in the creation of Adam. Beneath each figure are excerpts from Frank Zappa's 'I am the Slime'. Between these is a small plastic toy television with a woman's breast on screen. Below this the letters spelling TEAT are pinned. A red laquered wooden block with part of The Two Fridas attacked. atop it is a jewelled pink metallic cross and at the bottom, two Mexian peso coins.
This is another Frida piece. A roughly 4 inch by one inch aqua strip of wood provides the vertical base. At the top, an inch and a half square black and white photo of Frida is bordered in black in a very thin frame. A three quarter inch diameter hole has been drilled through at the bottom. A brown piece of ebony wood with Scrabble letters spelling Frida crosses the upright. A very colorful wooden parrot sits at one end of the cross piece, seeming to look at the viewer.

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