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See many photos of the Auburn Rubber Company's WWII sawdust and glue composition truck here!
A heavily customized Auburn truck. The truck has had much of its front body work below the headlamps removed, as well as its fenders almost entirely, side sheet metal, and truck bed. The Auburn trucks are realistic in appearance and are based a bit on some real trucks. Mainly, though,they're made tough so they can take whatever kids may dish out. Ok, not everything. But if you want a truly tough toy that is easy on floors and furniture and holds up well, any Auburn rubber truck will take care of business for your kid. As for collecting, there are plenty out there, most in good condition. The paint on the AT01 trucks is amost always beat up. The little nubbins on the stake bed frequently are missing either from hard use or kids' fanciful, uhm, improvements. Such improvements rarely are but now and then a toy of special appeal shows up. The truck at left is an excellent example of customizing gone wild. But to me, very good wild indeed.
Here we see a front quarter view of a large red, medium green, and small orange square front cabover trucks. All three have white tires. The medium truck is 4 1/4 inches long, and the small is 3 7/8 inches long. This is a side view of the tree square fronts above that shows more clearly the different sizes. The large is clearly the biggest, but the medium and small trucks are closer in size to one another.
Front quarter view of a red, 1937 International cabover truck, 5 3/8 inches long. Round bumper. Front quarter view of the large green, 1937 International cabover truck with white wheels. Square bumper.
Front quarter view of the Army brown stake truck with round bumper. Front quarter view of an orange version of the '37 International cabover. It has white wheels.
With olive paint and a red, white, and blue shield shaped decal, the '37 cabover becomes an army truck. U.S. Army is above the shield in white, which has five white stars against a blue background at the top of the shield and alternating 6 red and 7 white vertical bars below. This is a front quarter view of a red, medium size cabover with white tires. In the upper right corner is a pair of coe's, one green and one blue.
Here is a nice comparison between a pair of 4 1/4 inch AT04 round-fronted '37 Internationals. This is a photo of a red AT04 4 1/4 inch International cab-over engine (COE) truks.
A pair of '37 AT05 trucks, one square and green, the other round and dark green. This photo compares a composition truck to a pair of the rubber trucks.
Here we have a photo of the 1948 cab-forward box truck, AT08, 5 1/2 inches long.
				One is red over silver, the other red and green. This is a photo of the same two trucks from the rear passenger quarter.
Another photo of the AT08 truck, this one in red and yellow. This is the futuristic AT09 cab forward box-truck.
This rough and ready green truck (foreground) is likely a 1947 Chevrolet box truck. The same truck
				in red is shown just behind it. Another view of the AT10s from the left rear quarter.
An overhead view of the AT10 from above, showing the bed detail. An view of the AT10 showing front and rear detail.
Two Aurburn pickkup trucks, one green with tires inside the truck body, 
				one red with tires outside the truck body. The trucks are both 4 1/2 inches long. Another phto of the auburn pickup trucks, these both red, shown from the rear and above.
This is a photo of a blue tractor with high-sided, red trailer. There will be a large number
				of additional trucks and trailers coming to the website soon. This is a photo of a pair of car carriers. One carries cars inside the trailer, the other on top of it.
A very nice picture of the car carrier from above and along the right side. A photo of this car carrier with the two cars removed. This allows one to see the indentations in the top plate that hold the cars in place.
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