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A colorful period ad for the Traveller and all its other family members.

There were four models in the Morris Minor 1000 family: two- and four-door sedans, a two-door convertible, and a two-door estate wagon, the Traveller. The Traveller was introduced in 1952 and featured an external structural ash frame for the rear bodywork, with two side-hinged rear doors.

The frame was varnished rather than painted. The Morris Minor 1000 series engines available between 1956–62 were 948 cc (57.9 c.i.) inline-fours. These managed a dependable 37 HP at 4,750 rpm, with 50 lb·ft torque at 2,500 rpm.

The Morris Traveller, a classic woodie, drew eyes and comment wherever it went. I grieve daily that it was sold, and one hopes to somebody who loves it as much as I.

This is a photo of the engine and engine compartment.
This is a photo of the owner's Traveller with the front doors and tailgate doors removed. Here we have a view through the passenger door and tailgate
				doors that shows some, but not much, of the red upholstery in the interior. The real feature of this image is the gorgeous Chrysler that was roommate to the Traveller while it was being restored.
This is a snow scene of the Traveller parked at the curb, stating its lovely, simple lines are, quite simply, beautiful. Another Traveller ad, this time of the Traveller in white against
				a blue background. Below it is the slogan, Quality First.
Here we have a side view of the completely restored Traveler. Here is the snowy rear quarter view of the Traveller.

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