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This early '56 Buick needed power and got it with a 264 cubic inch Nailhead V8 engine (the Roadmaster, Super, and Century, all had 236 horse, 320 cubic inch V-8s). Power to the road came via the Buick Dynaflow automatic transmission. Power steering tamed the size and weight of the car, and a generator rather than an alternator provided for electrical needs. A fan of Sinatra and Cole? The Sonomatic AM radio with electric antenna filled the spacious interior with music. The '56 Buick Special retained the Sweepspear side trim, with rounded fender cutouts. There were new tail lights and a slightly modified grille, and of course the three oval Ventiports. The paint scheme on Elliot's car is Dover White over Carlsbad Black, and the interior is black and ivory.
This interior view shows the front seat from the driver's side. The seat and door panels are in matching black and white, floor, dash with instruments, steering column
Here we have a photo of the Buick's engine happily at home in
				a very well detailed engine bay. This is a composite Buick image. There are four hubcaps, a shot of three Ventiports, a closeup interior shot of a fine young man sitting behind the wheel and grinning with delight, four Buick emblems, a closeup of the combo hood ornament and scoop, a black and white '53 Buick image, and a rolling chassis diagram drawing

This ad portrays a sedan and two convertibles from the '56 line.

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