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A rare photo of Elliott and his new Chevrolet in its original maroon paint. Here he looks a lot like Howard Hughes. I think of what he could do with Howard's money! In its day, this was without a doubt the sort of car that the general public wanted. Solid, dependable, comfortable, it got the family where it wanted to go, the father and mother to work or wherever their day might lead them, the kids to ball games. All that, and it was attractive, too.

The styling of this postwar sedan was pretty much unchanged from the last of the pre-war Chevrolets. Ditto for the engine, but who would want to mess with that Chevy six? The car was big, it was roomy, and it was a chance to get out of the car that had had to struggle through the war years and into something new. New tires, too -- no more Maypops! And no ration sticker on the windshield.

Elliot needed just such a car when he bought this one in the 1980s and restored it from the ground up. He and his family had it in California, Georgia, Canada, and all points in between. It served them well for many, many years, and has helped them build quite an album of memories.

Nice work, Detroit.
This is a photo of the car in winter wearing its new metallic green over black paint. This Chevy was driven. This picture shows the car pulled off the road onto a dirt track in the middle of the Utah desert, with a narrow two-lane ribbon of deserted highway stretching out to the far horizon. There, rolling grey hills inspire faith that the desert does end somewhere. The photo shows a very small Chevy at the base of a rocky, slippery slope of red gravel, lumps of dry grass, and a few low cacti. A large rock that looks like a chunk of lava is in the foreground. The Chevy  has lived in many places and travelled to even more. I remember well the first time it rolled up to our house out in the central Texas blacklands, passing through on its way from Tennessee to Utah, I believe. Could have been California. The Elliott knew that he could fix anything that might go wrong, and proved it over the years many times.
This photo shows the Chevy in the forest, surrounded by the mysteries of the forest. This photo is of an advertisement for '46 Chevrolets.
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