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Truth be told, the Model A Ford engine is a beautiful machine even when its found in an exhausted old Ford, half buried in weeds, dirt, spare car parts, spider webs -- you name it, Model As have been found there, half lost but waiting for ... a future. Crusted with dirt and oil, or missing its cylinder head, or with a broken exhaust manifold or (worrisome but maybe not fatal), a crack pinky-wide running like a drunk up, down, or across the block. Themotor in this Ford is fully restores in Ford Grren, glossy black and dressed with cadmium plate on the fasteners. The four spark plugs glisten. The fuel, choke and throttle components are spotless as are the manifolds and distributor cap. All the rough Model A motors are dreams. All those restored are dreams come true.

I have many happy memories of this car. Not only does its amazingly skilled owner play the cello so that one can barely resist tears of pleasure, but he also can make my blood run cold with anxiety as he lifts and carries engine blocks, or when he reaches for and holds in place parts on cars that I know without a doubt would make the risk of losing fingers or hands as likely as not.

This is my friend's 1930 blind-back Fordor waiting for work to be completed on its drivetrain. The same Fordor back together and ready to go. It is all black with yellow wheels. We logged many miles in this willing '30.
This is a closeup view of the firewall and wiring,as well as steering and controls. A view of the engine from the driver's side. The intake and exhaust manifolds and the radiator.

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