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01.12.16: Please be sure to look at our other beautiful 1:18 diecast vehicles here
Well I'm not braggin' babe so don't put me down,
But I've got the fastest set of wheels in town.
When something comes up to me he don't even try,
Cause if I had a set of wings man I know she could fly!
She's my little deuce coupe,
You don't know what I got!

Brian Wilson, the Beach Boys, 1963

My affection for diecast scale model autombiles and trucks must go back to my Dinky Toys I played with as a little boy. Many were lost after playing in our yard alongside the swimming pool back in the early '50s. I wonder if any have been found in the years since we moved away? There were also playsets from Marx, particularly the Tom Corbett space playset. Model airplanes, later many, many model cars, then very real cars, and Hotwheels, and ... well, reading and dreaming and in the end I find myself whiling away the hours here writing my primitive pages of HTML, searching eBay, learning ever more about toys and typewriters. On this page I get to share the beauty of my favorite hot rod, the Deuce highboy family. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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